Drawing of the Sinking of the USS Samuel B. Roberts

Artist unknown

Drawing of the sinking of the DE-413 Samuel B. Roberts

With apologies to the artist for the less than perfect scan job. This drawing was brought to one of the reunions by a Taffy 3 survivor,  though possibly (probably?) not a sailor from the Samuel B. Roberts. Any leads as to who the artist may be would be most welcome.

2 thoughts on “Drawing of the Sinking of the USS Samuel B. Roberts

  1. Susan Weaver

    I’m not sure but my Dad had this pic i think it’s the original Patrick J Morriarity was his name from Susan Weaver ..

  2. kay sokol munnikhuysen

    my dad “William sokol’ was a survivor of the sinking. he obtain a purple heart for that day. we were told that 3 days later a supply ship came back to pick up any survivors. when he was brought aboard one of the first sailors he saw was a man he had gone to high school with. what are odds of that happening to anyone. my dad has passed on and talked very little about the event.


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