Radio Shack of the USS O’Flaherty (DE-340)

The picture was taken by O’Flaherty crew member Sidney R. Morrow and provided by shipmate Don Young.

Preliminary information would indicate that the “Sammy B” replaced the O’FLAHERTY just prior to the battle, and joined with BUTLER and RAYMOND at that time.

Here’s another view of the same shack.

4 thoughts on “Radio Shack of the USS O’Flaherty (DE-340)

  1. Debbie Crist

    The man in the back standing is my father Robert Koelsch. He was a radioman 1st class on the O’ Flaherty. He was 17 when he entered the navy. He went to radio school in Bedford, Pennsylvania. My father was 80 when he died in September of 2005.

  2. Emily Barresi

    I am currently doing a restoration project on this entire album!
    This summer I received my Grandfather’s album of all of Sidney’s O’Flaherty photographs, and I would love to share them with everyone.
    If someone knows where I can get a hold of Sidney R. Morrow or any vets of this ship, please let me know!

  3. Jackie Jackson

    My dad was on this ship during WWII. I would love to share this picture with him. I was curious if you have any thing else. He called the ship the Lucky O. My dad did work in the radio shack as well.

  4. Fredericka Brush Stanulevich

    Enjoyed the O’Flaherty picture. My brother Arthur D Brush served on the Lucky O till the War ended and I have his letters home. Wish someone remembered him to tell me more because I was only 2 when he went to war.


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