Missing Shipmates

Do you know anyone who served on the Sammy B but who has not been in touch with the Sammy B Survivors’ Association? Did you yourself serve? The Survivors’ Association has tried over the last few years to locate all shipmates, but there are still some we’ve been unable to locate. If you have any leads, please e-mail Dick Rohde.

Name and Last Contact: Freddie L. Washington, Stewards Mate First Class Freddie is from a small town in Texas. He was one of the few African Americans serving on the Sammy B (during World War II the Navy was still segregated.) The Survivors’ Association last had contact with Freddie at the reunion in 1982, which Freddie attended.

9 thoughts on “Missing Shipmates

  1. Brian Walsh

    My uncle, Joseph Hilla (deceased), talked about being on the Samuel Roberts when it was attacked and sunk.
    I’ve looked for his name among the crew, but it’s not there. Is it possible that he was aboard then but his name is not listed?


  2. Gilbert J Torres

    My uncle Raymond A Torres served on the Samuel B Roberts as a 21mm Gunner ( AFT). He is still around at age 95, and talks often of his survival.

    I would be happy to share other information with any other survivors.

  3. Joan Rogers

    My father, Ignatius (Pat) Burakowski was a fireman in the engine compartment. Kept engines running. He told me he felt an explosion and found himself in the water. Made it to an island, got malaria and was eventually hospitalized in New Zealand. He stayed in USN 22 yrs, wore gold insignia on his chief’s uniform. Retired in Norfolk, VA in early 1953. Died about 2000. Lost 2 ships to torpedoes BUT, never suffered a scratch, so no Purple Heart.

  4. Dorothy Garner-Williams

    This story is very much like the one my Mom told me of my Uncle Carl Garner. He was in the Navy, but I do not know the name of the ship he was on. He told of having to abandon his ship and was in water for days. How do I go abt finding the info abt him ?

  5. billy w nabors

    my dad Joseph d nabors served on the roberts i doubt he stayed in contact with the suvivor association. i was less than one year old when the roberts was sank. i knew he was very proud to have served aboard but would not talk about the experience until i was in my late forties. i would be glad to share memories with anyone associated with samual b roberts.

  6. Scott Randolph

    My mother’s eldest brother SA Kirby Davis served on the USS Roberts and went down the ship in the battle of Samar.


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