2 thoughts on “Small Boys: Movie about Sammy B and the Battle off Samar

  1. Bobbi

    Was this movie ever made, or still in the works? My uncle, Eugene Wagner was one of the crewmen. My father was not quite two years old when Eugene was killed, and therefore never got to know his brother. His other brothers were reluctant to talk about it other than to say “it was basically a suicide mission”. Shortly before his brother, Pete, passed away, he did give some fascinating information. Pete was in port, about to ship out the next day. He started talking to another sailor at a bar. After some visiting, the other sailor put two and two together and told Pete to stay right there. Shortly after, the sailor came back with Eugene. The brothers got to see each other just days before Eugene was killed.
    In another twist of fate, when Pete was in a VA hospital in Spokane, WA, he met a man who was in the hospital next to Eugene just before he passed.
    If anyone recalls or has any information on my uncle, I would love to pass that information on to my father. All of his siblings have passed, and I know he would be so touched to have information on Eugene.


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