Letters to the wife of Charles Staubach

Jim Staubach, son of Charles Staubach, recently reached out to the Survivor Association to inquire about his father’s experience on board. 

Jim kindly shared letters sent to his mother by Executive Officer Roberts  and Captain Copeland in December 1944 and March 1945 respectively. 

They are touching and sad and speak to the bravery of Charles Staubach and other men on the ship.

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One thought on “Letters to the wife of Charles Staubach

  1. phillip Decubellis

    I was so moved by these letters..What a true hero and patriot.Mr Charles Staubach…im speechless ..Jim i hope you have some measure of comfort knowing that the freedom we all enjoy today are at the personal expense of you and your family and countless others who bore the battle and paid the ultimate price !..I often think of my cousin Ralph Decubellis who died that day as well…a farm boy who enlisted in the navy to fight for his country ..he like many that day …also made the ultimate sacrifice. ..i often wonder how he managed that fateful day ..in that far away ocean ..but our family has no letter etc to reflect .. may they all rest in peace and i thank you for the gift of your father and for kindly sharing your letters…with warm regards. Phillip DeCubellis


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