Survivor Adred Lenoir turning 97!

The ship’s last known survivor is turning 97 on November 9. He’s hoping to get 97 birthday cards. You can send him one at

Adred Lenoir
1750 County Road 461
Clanton, AL 35046

Adred Lenoir

6 thoughts on “Survivor Adred Lenoir turning 97!

  1. Alex Peretta

    Mr. Lenoir , Thank you for your service ! My grandfather also was on the ship as well.George Ulickas Mmc2 .Thank you !

  2. Virgil O Wethington

    Mr. Lenoir, God bless you and thank you for your sacrifice! Happy belated Birthday. My brother Cloy W Wethington MM2 was on your ship, but was killed in action. I have read every book I can find on The Sammy B and I am very Thankful for you and all the other brave men who fought the Battle for Leyte Gulf! Virgil O Wethington

  3. Frank S. Abate

    Mr. Lenoir, I hope that you had a very happy birthday. I took your recommendation about reading the book ‘For Crew And Country’ and what a powerful book it is. Sorry that you and your shipmates had to suffer do very much. Shipmate on USS Samuel B Roberts DD-823. Frank Abate

  4. Scott Natter

    Good afternoon and Happy Birthday!
    I only just dripped my card in the mailbox today… so mine will be belated but its on its way!
    We wish you and yours a VERY special day!


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