Survivor Adred Lenoir turning 98!

The ship’s last known survivor is turning 98 on November 9. He’s hoping to get 98 birthday cards. You can send him one at

Adred Lenoir
1750 County Road 461
Clanton, AL 35046

Adred Lenoir

One thought on “Survivor Adred Lenoir turning 98!

  1. malcolm gaskill

    I thank you for your incredible service, sacrificen and bravery fighting a battle to which noone would ever think you would last even ten minutes. I don’t know if I would have the courage in hind sight to take a few lightly armed destroyers against the entire center task force of the Japanese navy, so I THANK YOU for your sacrificeand commitment to this great nation so that I am free. I am proud that we share the same birthday. I wish you many more.


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