Last Known Survivor, Adred Lenoir, Has Passed

We received word that our last known survivor, Adred Lenoir, passed peacefully on March 20.

Gone but not forgotten.

9 thoughts on “Last Known Survivor, Adred Lenoir, Has Passed

  1. Gene Stovall

    I had an Uncle William Edward Stovall that was a sight setter on one of the five inch guns on the Sammy B. He was lost in the Battle of Leyte. He was cut loose from a float raft after he passed away during the night after the battle. His personal effects were sent to his family in Alabama. One of the items was his bible that was soaked in bunker c oil. I got to visit his best friend that also manned the gun that Edward was on. His name was Sam Blue from Perry, Florida. Edward has a sister living in Alabama. That is the last of his immediate family. I have studied this ship for a long time. I will always be grateful to our outstanding Sailers who served us so well.

  2. marianne cummings donovan

    no higher honor
    My Dad shipmate Robert P Cummings EM2C died during the battle of leyete gulf
    i went to the dedication of the museum of the pacific and met some of the greatest
    thank you all
    marianne cummings donovan

  3. Jeffrey Oster

    We never met, but I did correspond with him and sent b-day wishes for his 96th. Very sad to receive recent news of his passing, but so very proud to have served on a vessel of the same name as the one on which he fought and survived. He was a true hero and genuine Tin Can Sailor, He will be sorely missed but leaves behind an honored legacy. Fair winds and following seas.
    -EM2 J. Oster, FFG-58 (1988-1991)

  4. Dave Swihart

    RIP, and thank you. I am no relation to anyone on the crew, but I read the incredible story and am one who is grateful to live free and will never forget the courage and sacrifices made.

  5. James C. Staubach Col, US Army Retired

    God rest his soul. I’m glad I got to speak with him more than once. Nice man. He was in the same life raft as my father who died and was allowed to float away – understandable under the circumstances.


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