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Shafter C. McAdams, Jr., RM3C

We received news from Shafter’s granddaughter in January 2024, who shared information with us about her grandad:

Hello! My name is Lakisha McAdams. I’m the granddaughter of a radarman Shafter Claude McAdams Jr, who was a survivor of the USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413. While my grandfather passed away  […] in 2000, I’ve collected some of his war memorabilia that I thought you might be interested to know about! I found your website regarding the survivors association. I have attached a newspaper article from our hometown that was written after he returned home from the war. I have also included a picture of him in his naval uniform as well as a photograph of a silver plate he received from his time in the service that is inscribed with a photo of the USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413. It’s really cool to have this piece of history in my home and be able to share it with my kids and others, as I know they have just recently discovered the wreckage of the destroyer, making it the deepest shipwreck found in history.

Thank you so much for sharing, Lakisha!


Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413) Found!

Deep-sea explorers, led by Victor Vescovo (@VictorVescovo on Twitter), announced on June 24 that they have  found the wreckage of the Sammy B, nearly 7000 meters below the surface of the sea, and currently the deepest shipwreck ever found.

Quoted in The Washington Post, Rear Adm. Sam Cox, head of the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington, said, “This site is a hallowed war grave.” 

We now know conclusively where many of our shipmates rest in peace. May the crew’s bravery and perseverance, facing insurmountable odds, always be remembered.

Image source: Victor Vescovo on Twitter.